New Addition — TastyBone

TASTYBONE is one of the latest additions to the ADEC family of premium pet products. Made from top quality ingredients, TASTYBONE provides a mouth-watering & delicious range of play-toys and treats for your pooch! As your pet will totally enjoy gnawing on these, TASTYBONE products are specially designed to be durable to provide hours of delightful play. With quality control over the entire process of design, production and packaging strictly maintained within the their factories in the UK, you can rest assured that TASTYBONE products are of the highest standards. The product range comprises Nylon, Dental and Gourmet. The Dental range is for the promotion of healthy and clean teeth, providing owners with a simple, carefree solution for doggy’s dental-care. Gourmet is, as the name suggests, for owners who want to lavish their beloved pets with more classy tasty options. This includes food flavored choices like venison, duck, beef wellington and smoked salmon!

So if you’re going to treat your dog to a bone, make sure it’s a TASTYBONE!



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